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established 2019

SaVor Bistro will focus on the classics of European cuisine. We explore the sunnier climes of the continent, focusing on dishes from Spain, Italy, and France.

The menu will focus on some of the most famous dishes from each of the countries. From France, dishes like creme brûlée, onion soup, and filet mignon with bearnaise. Three different octopus preparations and, of course, paella, hails from Spain. Pasta and risotto round off the Italian-inspired portion of the menu. The common thread between all the food is that everything is made from scratch with fresh, organic ingredients. No cans or mixes will stock the kitchen shelves.

Fitting the elegant cuisine, the interior is crisp and contemporary. Marble tables and bright white walls bounce light from the many windows, creating an upscale but approachable vibe

  • I was one of the lucky few who were invited to a taste testing of this new Bistro, and I can easily say I was blown away. Beautiful dinning area/environment, and its topped off with an outstanding chef bringing some exotic new flavors to Stone Oak. First time trying a few things for me, in which I easily fell in love. I can not wait until this place finally opens up as I plan on being a regular! If you ever get the chance this place is a must-try in San Antonio!​

    Christopher Watcher

    Food Reviewer
  • So glad that we were able to get in for the pre-opening, menu tasting. The chef has already made it clear that SaVor Bistro is going to be our go-to place! The octopus was SO good! And my date raved about the risotto to the point that I shared too. Glad I did! The owner is SUPER friendly, and personable – made us feel so welcome. We can’t wait to come back and try more off the full menu!

    Brendan Cassidy

  • Everything from the ambiance, to the cuisine were absolutely fabulous. You can tell the chef is very highly skilled, and that they love what they do because you can taste it in the food. Wonderful experience over all. 10/10 would recommend SaVor Bistro.

    Jordyn Goodwin

    Food Blogger
  • Octopus is a common item in my hometown back in China. SaVor Bistro won me over with their presentation! Attending the menu tasting was good luck for me! The owner is very friendly – I feel welcome to return! Thank you SaVor Bistro for the best food I’ve had in America!



Elizabeth Davis

Restaurant Owner

The team.

SaVor Bistro

Elizabeth Davis may have grown up in Venezuela, but her family comes from all over the globe. On June 22, the diverse food traditions learned from her grandmothers and other family members will form the foundation of her stylish new eatery at at 20122 Stone Oak Pkwy. Ste. 105.

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